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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long Weekend and Jumper

Another long weekend and this time its for President's Day. It seems like this year, a lot of holidays fall on Monday and since Michael works with the government, it means that he gets ALL of them. Some of you (esp in Msia) may start saying, "whts the big deal?". Well, it IS a big deal since here not everybody gets off on ALL holidays. Most companies only close for Xmas, Thanksgiving and July 4th (plus a couple others) and they have floating holidays where you have to choose whc holidays you want to be off and which you dont which means that you have to come to work.

Anyways, we decided to watch the movie Jumper despite the not-so-good reviews that we'v been hearing. I mean, after watching Cloverfield, im up to watching anything! :P It turns out to be not as bad as the reviews say. It's a bit childish-like movie but nevertheless still entertaining.
One other thing that I like about going to the cinema to watch a movie is that I get to know what movies would be coming out soon. So far Im excited about Hellboy II, Prince Caspian The Chronicles of Narnia (yes i love Narnia!), Indiana Jones and Angelina Jolie's new movie Wanted.

But is there any M.Night Shyamalan fan out there? I know I am. Huge fan of his movies to the point that I think I tend to be biased when it comes to his movies. At least thats what Michael told me. He knows that at a mere mentioning of M.Night Shyamalan, id be telling him, "oh we'r definitely gonna see that!" in a heart beat. Dont care wht its about or whos in it. All I care is that if it comes from the him then I must watch it. Anyways, his new movie is called The Happening and its coming out on June 13th this year.

Michael told me that we should wait for it to come out on dvd (gasp!). I dont think I can wait that long. From my past experiences, his movies usually take a long time before they finally come out on dvd and I cannot (read:would not!) wait that long. Lagipun sini mana dvd ciplak bukan macam kat msia, kan? Trust me, Im definitely going to the cinema to watch it. With him of course! ;)


Anonymous said...

dvd ciplak kat kl bkn mcm dulu dah, ni quality cap 3 ayam punye!! nyesal beli tawww! tsk tskk..

Cat Cat said...

Kat sini dvd mahal nak mampus... Baik kita rent kat Blockbuster... Tunggu babe... Sabar - dengar cakap abang ya.. Hehehe!

Cat Cat said...
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Mat Salo said...


You're just like the rest of us, a movie junkie! So is CJ7 shown in Orange county yet? Well, after Cloverfield I had to get rid of the nauseous feeling and took my boys see CJ7 (Stephen Chow and a 10 yr old girl as boy playing his son) when they encounter a creature that dropped in the Hongky sky in a UFO. Harks back to E.T. Great movie so it might make it over there.

But really I've been more into artsy-fartsy stuff these days by immersing myself in movies with subtitles. These are on DVD's (no ciplak lah) and the last one I saw was a French Arab production. It was a poignant story about a an old immigrant who wanted to do the hajj by land instead of flying. So he forced his high schooler son to drive (because he couldn't) the 3000 km or so to the holy land. Needless to say, the boy who grew up in secular France protested at first and on the journey the father and son bonded, which made for plenty of hilarious scenes. Like when they checked in somewhere in a motel in Turkey and while the Papa sholat and zikir, the boy would go out to drink and have a good time, much to the anger of his pious father. It amazed me how they brought in the cameras for the final scene in Mecca and when the father died and where he had to basuh the mayat. Brilliant!

I Cook4Fun said...

ha ha ha...PJ sini mana lah ada DVD ciplak. When I balik dulu I beli banyak banyak and have to sorak everything. Takut kat kastam kena rampas :) :)

Yatie_T said...

OMG.. lol, DVD ciplak, software ciplak, etc... my hubby is one of the customer. He borong most of them untuk bawak balik kat US. Hehehe... imagine a software that will cost us thousand of $$$ but he only pay about $5.00 - $10.00USD. We also have to sorok-sorok all the cds from the custom.

Farina said...

Elene, ciplak pun ada byk grade tau. bukan boleh main beli aje. ;)

Cath, kitorang memang rent w blockbuster but lately the quality has gone down the drain. we keep getting unplayable dvds. :(

MS, iv heard abt stephen chows new movie. problem is michael dont like watching movies where he has to read the subtitle. sigh.

Gert, i think when we go back, id wanna go to tgv all the time instead of buying dvds! lol.

yatie, yes mine also wud go crazy abt the softwares. to him, sg wang is like 2nd home. sigh..

munira said...

i want to watch Wanted! Three of my favourite actors are in it - Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

am not a huge fan of mr Shyamalan but Six Sense and The Village were enjoyable and not to mention freaky enough to send shivers down my crooked spine. Signs and Unbreakable were rather disappointing while Lady In The Water wasnt that totally good nor bad.

will be looking forward for The Happening to hit the local DVD peddlar!

Farina said...

Munira, i just hope wanted wud not be like mr&mrs smith. tht movie wa a bit of a let down. so much hype!

Kerp, u of all ppl? i rally tot ud be 1 of his die-hard fan like me. lol. have to agree on lady in the water. its the 1 tht i least like.