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Friday, February 8, 2008

Assam Pedas

Recently Rasa Malaysia made laksa penang which looks so mouth watering that I have to have something sour myself. Since making laksa is a bit too time consuming for me and not to mention that I dontv half of the ingredients, I decided to make Assam Pedas. I took the recipes from drNo and Jun and then changed them a lil bit according to wht I have and my level of malas-ness. Yes, this is the somewhat easy(/lazy)-edition of Assam Pedas.

1-2 piece of fish (anything except salmon)
1 cup water
daun kesum or polyganum leaves (thanks RM for the translation)
7-10 okra/ladyfinger/bendi
4-5 tablspoon tamarind juice (1tablespoon tamarind soup powder)
salt and sugar to taste
3 tbspoon vegetable oil

Blended ingredients;
2 shallots
1/2 red onion
1 garlic
2in ginger
10 tbspoon of sambal oelek (chili paste)
1 teaspoon of tumeric powder
2 teaspoons belacan

1. Heat the oil (medium heat) and add the blended ingredients. Stir for 5-6min
2. Put in the water and add the rest once its boil. Flip the fish one or twice.
3. Cover and simmer for 10min.

This is how I eat my assam pedas. With rice, cut tomatoes and cucumber for salad and sambal belacan. Not seen in the picture is the sweet soy sauce. I cant eat my rice without them!


kl_gal said...

Looks yummy.Is it pedas? Lagi yum :)). Send some my way..pleaseeee?

Farina said...

tht was quick! lol! yes its very pedas. and tht piece of fish is huge tht iv to eat 5x before i can finish it! dunno how to send w the fish but next time i make, il put in a bottle (the sauce lah) n send some to u ok? ;)

kl_gal said...

Friday lunchtime..ada some time to ronda2 sikit and leave my dua sen comments on blogs :))
Just kidding about sending me the assam pedas.Enjoy and think of me bila you makan :))What kind of ikan did you use? Maybe one weekend when I'm not feeling too malas, I'll try your recipe.

Cat Cat said...

Waduh, sedapnya asam pedas... Kalau Cath masak asam pedas kat rumah, only Cath saja yang makan.. Tak best makan sorang-sorang.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

Wah-wah! Sedap! My grandma is mostly Nyonya, so she cooks a lot of this too...All the sour, spicy stuff...=) Actually, laksa quite similar in ingredients to 'Assam Pedas', right? Just subtract and/or add a thing or two...

And cool to see your blog ID as 'Farina' now...It is more personal and warm, and I like it! ;)

Munira said...

Wow that looks so good! I have to try that. My flatmate has been trying Asian food at this Chinese restaurant nearby about 5 mins walk away... I've been there, and any proud Asian child worth his/her salt would know that that's not what our food is supposed to taste like he he. Ironically enough, the restaurant is being managed by Asians. Perhaps they changed the recipe to suit the local tastebuds, I supposed.

So one day I made tom yam the other day, and my flatmate absolutely loves it! He also tried my sweet and sour chicken, and he was so surprised by the taste... he said he's never had that kind of sweet and sour chicken, and was so shocked when I told him that's what it's supposed to taste like, lol.

The first time I got here, I wanted to eat something that reminds me of home. I bought a so-called Chinese sweet and sour chicken food pack from the Tesco here, and I really regretted it, gah!

bailey said...


ada lagi? nak sket... *wink*

Ms eNVy said...

Sedapnye ! .. nanti I will try out your recipe .. but have to kurangkan the sambal oelek tho'.. hubby tak boleh tahan rasa pedas sangat :(

elviza said...

Ah, must go back early today to persuade mom to cook this! So yummy. Take care sister

kbguy said...

1. This is my first visit here.
2. Nice wedding photos.
3. Since u r living overseas, u may use the ready cooked packed like Maggie and etc.. for lots n lots of Malaysian food. You can even hv Roti Canai and rendang.

bye... Kong Xi Fa Cai !!!

kbguy said...

sorry.. it's 'photo' since got only one wedding photo la..

Farina said...

kl_gal, im not sure wht kinda fish i used. im tht bad w fish names!lol.

Cath, i makan sorang jugak. 5-6 kali baru habis. ;)

Daph, penang laksa kena guna just the fish meat. itu yg malas tu. hehe. yeah, decided to just use my name. senang cerita.

Munira, thts the problem w asian rest here too. since most ppl havent been to asian coutry, they wudn kno how its supposed to taste like. for ppl like us, itu yg kena belajar buat sendiri. if not, sufferisation, i tell u!

Bailey, thanks for visiting. ala, u kat msia, boleh pergi kedai aje kalau nak makan. lagi senang kan? ;)

Envy, yes, kurangkan sambal oelek kalau taknak pedas sgt. macam i, mengalir airmata masa makan. lol!

Elviza, u lucky girl! ;)

kbguy, thanks for visiting and the compliment. sebenarnya ada more than 1 pic. scroll kat bawah tu ada slide w more pics. i actually hardly use ready made paste sbb more often theyr too thin/cair for my taste. i do buy frozen roti canai, kawan brand. the best! ;) kong hee fatt chai to u too!

bini mokhtar said...

macik! wahh u pun kicap-addict ke? hihi. bley bukak kelab ni oitt

drNO said...

nampak sedap la ur asam pedas.
what fish u used tu?
pekat the kuah...sedap...

p/s- i have an award for u in my tgk ye...:):):)

Yatie_T said...


sedap nye your asam pedas, melilih air liur.... god!!! I have to cook some of this but what should I tell my hubby... "Go out and get your own dinner tonight?". lol

Farina said...

Elene, im very the kicap-addict. guilty! lol. kalau u bukak club, i mesti join nyer. ;), sorrylah i tak sure apa jenis ikan tu. i gi asian supermarket n tengok ikan tu di potong just like how iv seen ikan asam pedas back in msia so i belilah. boleh ke camtu? lol. bagi i award ye? temi kacih. nanti i ambik ok?

Yatie, i memang masak 2 dif types of meal everyday so no problem. kalau u nak buat asam pedas or any other msian dish, just cook something else for him so he cant complain. well, maybe for the smell since it uses belacan but buat dunno ajelah. hehe.

Tembam said...

Princess, I needed to take a break and get in touch with real, down to earth and warm hearted human beings again. So I instinctively clicked your blog (I recgare my heart bateries with you, Kak Teh and now Bubble Bath). Was I happy to see food!!!

It's good to blog about thse nice warm simple things in life. As I don't cook (my mom still insists on it and she is heck of a lot better at it), its fun to read about your kitchen exploits. Long time since I used sambal oelek. My students days dulu, that was our staple along with sambal badjak. How come Malaysians didn't have those types of condiments in a bottle ya?

The fun part about living overseas is the innovations we come up with to get that home cooking taste. Ready made food not easy to buy like here and you have an awful craving for nasi lemak, what to do? Cook lah. Now lagi senang macam dulu Farina, ada santan in a packet. Dulu we bought those in cans from Thailand. Sometimes when we have big makan, we bought those fresh coconuts don't know from where and sanggup pecah kelapa and blend the isi for that authentic santan taste. Woth the effort when your tummy is happy. Thank you for serving some of your loving kindness to this jaded blogger. Thank God there are normal people like you in blogoland.

Cheers babe!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

excuse me puan carr,

this may sound rather too simple but a plate or 8 of white rice with asam pedas goes extremely well with a sunny-side-up. try it out and i swear to God it'll work wonder on your tastebud.

Farina said...

Tembam, thanks for dropping by to feel warm n fuzzy. ;) funny u said u needed a brak. thts exactly wht i felt yesterday when i was at ur blog. suddenly i felt tired fr the lack of action fr the authority. just thinking abt it is draining for me. :(

ur mom stil cook for u? haha u lucky girl. my mom wasnt much of a cook. she taught us the basic cooking n fr there we learned to cook 'special' things like chicken rice, sweet n sour crab n etc. sigh.. those were the days.

Kerpie, u kno i love eggs but im not too sure if egg n assam pedas can be 'kawan'. i guess il stick to eating my fried egg w rice n kicap. ;)

Jun :) said... family pon mcm u..cant live without d kicap..! eh u know what...just look at ur asam pedas pic..makes me hungry ..even the rice itself pon nampak sungguhhhh sedaaaappp! heee...