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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Somewhat Back to Normal

Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims around the world. I know its already the 5th day but hey! Raya is 1 month right?!

Iv been very busy the last 2 weeks with my friends here and also for Raya. I have to admit that I see more of SoCal and also do more the last 2 weeks than the 14 months that we'v been here. I finally went back to Disneyland and Universal Studio (US) for the 2nd time though Michael has yet to go to Disneyland since he has to work and we went there during work days. Oh well, maybe next time I'l get to go with him.

We went to US on a Sunday during the long weekend of Columbus Day. It was a very nice day eventhough the day started pretty chilly. The sun started to come out roughly around 10am and boy was it hot! Since it was a long weekend, you can imagine how crowded the place was. We decided to take the front-of-line pass which cost ard $50 more on top of the entrance ticket. Yup, they cost a bomb but when you see the queue is like 100m long, you know you'd have to get them. It saves time and back-ache too. Alternatively, go middle of the week rather than weekend.

I enjoyed our US outing the best since it was the 1st time that Michael could join us. Even the kids, Harith (6y/o) and Dinara (3y/o), enjoyed his company since Michael is really a big kid. Less than hour that we got there, Harith was already chatting, holding hands and playing with him. He even chose to sit with him during the tour instead of sitting with his parents!

Anyways, my friend Su and Harith took the Jurassic Park ride, sat on the front row and came back soaking wet! There goes the salon-done hair. lol! I persuaded Michael to take the ride since iv taken it a long time ago and didnt wanna do it again. He went alone but was smart enough to sit on the middle row instead so he was saved from getting drench. I waited for him outside the ride with a camera hoping to catch him wet but unfortunately i missed him since he was sitting in the middle row. dang! hehehe.

We spent almost 9hrs there and by the time we left, we were both very tired but we had so much fun.

Su and family left for Seattle on sunday morning and back to Msia that night. It was really tough seeing them leaving our place on their way to the airport. We hugged and cried. This morning she called me to inform that they have arrived safely on tue evening. She also told me that once the plane took-off, Harith started crying. When her husband, Hazree, asked him what's wrong, he said, "I miss Aunty Farina and Uncle Mike". So this morning, i cried again.

So im dedicating this post to them. Harith and Dinara, "Aunty Farina and Uncle Mike also miss both of you and Insyaallah we'll see each other again next year!". Hugs and kisses!


Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

Ah...I'm the first!

Wah...Jealousnya, dapat pergi Disneyland and Universal Studios...I want to go too!

How much does it cost for the tickets and all, by the way?

Ah, you know what it means, don't you, this whole kids liking Michael thing?

Paham-paham aje lar...



hi farina,

salam aidilfitri,

alahai....sedih nya..

well...thank god for borderless communication.

take care!

PrincessJournals said...

Daphne, the entrance tickets are very expensive esp to disneyland and they have 2 parks so thts 2 diff entrance fees! i think for 2-day disney park hopper is ard 130/pp while uni studio is ard 71/pp.

Nuraina, thank god for the cheap calling card! lol!

Pi Bani said...

Ahem... Uncle Mike aje ke big kid nya? Aunty Farina tak? ;)

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Zue Murphy said...

PJ, Syoknya tengok gambar you bercuti.

Ms eNVy said...

Looking at the pixs you had a real good time! .. Miss Cali very muchlah :(

PrincessJournals said...

pi, betul, uncle mike je yg big kid. ;)

zue, bila nak datang cali?

envy, kalau miss tu, cepat2lah come for holiday here.

david santos said...

Pretty work, Princess! Pretty photos and pretty children. Good luck for all.
Until always

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi farina. Tried accessing yr blog several times, tapi kena tendang.

Anyways, just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog.

Also, to wish you selamat Hari Raya.

Have a nice weekend.

PrincessJournals said...

kak Ton, thnaks for visiting. eh u pun having problem to access my blog ke? tsk tsk. tht makes 3 ppl oredi.
Anyways, Selamat Hari raya to u too!