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Monday, October 22, 2007

Of Californian Weather

A few people have been asking about my Raya celebration here but since I dont have any pic to go with the post, I decided to only write about it later when I do have some pics to go with it. So, tungggguuuuuuu!

Today im going to talk about the 'colourful' California weather. It is officially fall but the only time that I truly feel its fall is the Raya week. It was raining on the 1st day of Raya (Sat Oct 13) and continued on and off until Sunday. It was actually nice coz it wasnt cats and dogs kinda rain. the temp was in the high teens and low twenties (celcius). Then from Thurs onwards, it started to change and it got pretty warm (30C on Sat). Come Sunday, it changed again and this time in terms of wind. It was so windy and humid. A few trees around the aprtments lose their 'arms' (branches, lah!) and 1 car parked under a tree was unlucky to have its windscreen smashed by it. Thank god we got the underground parking lot!

If you dont know it already, whenever we get the hot weather and strong/warm winds, there will most likely be fire. And on Sunday night, we got it. So far, more than 90,000 acres have been burned by the bushfire in SoCal from Malibu all the way down to San Diego. If im not mistaken, more than 250,000 ppl have been evacuated or asked to leave their homes with affected city as close as Irvine which is only 10min away fr us. though if im not mistaken, the fire in Irvine is caused by an arsonist. (Oh yeah, theres a lot of stupid ppl here in the US too) The sky is orangy (is tht the correct spelling?) and the air smells of smoke. You can even see ashes floating in the air. A few of the Universities were also close due to the smoke. It is really really bad and this is what Mitch Mendler, a San Diego firefighter, said as he and his crew stopped at a shopping center parking lot to refill their water truck from a hydrant near a restaurant,
"It was nuclear winter. It was like Armageddon. It looked like the end of the world."

SoCal is now under State of Emergency.

Read more about the fire
here .


Anonymous said...

PJ, take care and stay safe.
Sending good wishes your way.

A Fellow Malaysian

Bini Mokhtar said...

gosh, hope everything will be fine in ur area. stay safe yah?

and sis, delhi is beyond imagination.. the big city is almost similar to kuala terengganu jek! lol



oh dear.

do take care
and God bless.

on another note, just to let you know that this morning (Tuesday, Oct 23) three of us on the Citizens for Nurin Alert - crime analyst Kamal Affandi, Jasni AJ (Nurin's uncle) and I were on TV3's Wanita Hari Ini to speak about Nurin Alert.

And, we have you to thank for mentioning it in my blog.

thanks again for being part of making it happen. Insyallah!

I Cook4Fun said...

PJ, saw the huge fire kat CA in the news and some part of Irvine pun kena. I hope it is not too near to our old home :( :( That is the problem with Ca when it gets windy with Santa Ana wind and low humidity. One tree uprooted and fell on top of our roof in 2004. Take care PJ

PrincessJournals said...

Anon, thank u!

BM, alhamdulillah our area is ok. eh if delhi like kt, oklah tu. last time i check, kt happening jugak. ;)

Sis Nuraina, thank u. i think the closest fire is abt an hr away on the mountain side. U guys were on tv3? cool! send me the link if u have ok?

Gert, yelah, cali ni kalau panas, low humidity and windy, mesti ada fire. not sure ur old hse kat area mana.

Rita Ho said...

Farina ... I'm following the news on TV, scary images all. More than 321,000 evacuated now and more expected. We just spoke with my SIL in San Diego. She is 4.5 miles from the nearest fire, so suitcases packed and ready to go at a moment's notice to the Qualcomm Stadium. She said the emergency procedures have been quite smooth so far.

Stay safe, ya.

Zue Murphy said...

PJ, It was really scary to see the dark cloud and fire on TV in southern Cali. Must be hard to breath fresh air ya. Do stay indoor for safety.

Ms eNVy said...

Stay safe .. and take care .. I've read about the fire .. have some friends in San Diego , and they have been evac .. never seen it so bad before .. so again .. be safe ..

kl_gal said...

I cant imagine what the air is like in Orange..I live miles away from the fires, my eyes sting and my throat feels raw.Stay inside if you can and keep safe

PrincessJournals said...

Rita, yes its really bad. thhe wind has pretty much stopped now (at least in our area) but its gonna take a while for the air to clear. cant even breath properly. :(

Zue, memang i stay indoor and if it becomes unbearable, tuutp sliding door but its also very hot here. sigh..

Norma, i think san diego paling teruk affected. i heard ada jugak msian in those area yg kitorang havent heard fr yet. hopefully theyr ok.

PrincessJournals said...

Gurdeep, yup the air is pretty bad. i doubt its clearing anytime soon now tht there's no wind to push it away. not to mention its damn hot!

Mat Salo said...

Dear PJ..

Hope the fire's didn't affect you too much.. To be honest, clueless as I am (as always) when I visited Kak Maria's (yeay! she now has a blog!) last week I missed the whole thing on the TV. So I had to act dumb and pretended to play along. Heheh. We brought Kerp in Shah's (talkonly) car.. and was a scene right out of The Three Stooges ! Me and shah had never handled a disbled guy before and my God, we took ages getting him in and out of the car, dismantling the wheelchair to put in the trunk and all that... Aaargh. Poor kerp! But I guess you can now consider us pros!

Take care and careful bout em Santa Ana winds!

PrincessJournals said...

MatSalo, thanks for dropping by. so pura2 tau jelah ye masa gathering tu? :P
yes i read abt the '3 stooges' drama. lol! takpelah, as u said it urself, now dah pro!
thank god the santa ana wind has stopped. phew!

Nadia said...

(Kak) Farina,

Hope all is well on your side. Have read and heard about the news and yeah, heard about 'em arsonists too. Apalah, takde kerja lain ke? Hish!

Anyway, take good care of yourself and keep us updated, yeah? :)

PrincessJournals said...

Nadia, tak taulah apa nak cakap pasal arsonist tu. memang sah takde kerja lain asyik nak menyusahkan orang aje. :(

as of now most of the fires have been contained but 1or 2. so thts good. ;)