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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love for Ibu (Mother)

I havent been online for a few days now until today. So the first few hours after I got up, Id do the usual things i.e. read emails and It was Mother's Day last Sunday and this article about 2 young sibling's love for their nearly blind mother just brought tears to my eyes. It reminds us that a mother doesnt need an expensive gifts to make her happy. All she wants is for her child/children to be a good person, succesful in whatever they do and be happy with their lives.

Brothers’ vision of comfort for mum

With all our love: Mohd Syafik (left) and Mohd Syarul Nizam giving their mother a plastic flower for Mother’s Day in Sungai Petani yesterday.SUNGAI PETANI: A stalk of a plastic flower for their mother was all that two brothers could each afford to give to their mum on Mother’s Day.
But the two – Mohd Syarul Nizam Yusuf, 13 and Mohd Syafik Yusuf, 15 – dream of being able to give all the comforts of life for their mother Che Yang Sudin, 50, one day.
“Our mother is not physically perfect like others, yet we will protect her and shower her with love till our last breath,” they said at their uncle’s Paya Nahu flat here.
Che Yang, a divorcee, has poor vision and her tears flowed uncontrollably. She quit as a production operator in a factory after a fall about three years ago.
The two boys and their mother are currently staying with blind uncle Md Desa Sudin, 55 and blind aunt Zaiton Lazim, 47, both factory workers at Bakar Arang near here.
Mohd Syafik, a Form Three student of SMK Taman Ria Jaya, said he wakes up at 5.30am every day to wash the dishes, adding that he also helped his mother do the laundry, sweep the floor and prepare breakfast before going to school.
“I will study hard to become a policeman and buy a beautiful house and let my mother enjoy all the comforts of life. She will be the queen of my house,” said Mohd Syafik.
Mohd Syarul Nizam a Form One student at the same school, wakes up at 8am to go to the market. He cuts the fish and vegetables and helps his mother to cook. He also irons the clothes.
“I too will study hard to become a fireman,” said Mohd Syarul Nizam.

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