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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

King of Fruit

That famously spiky, smelly, yellowish fruit that makes you either love them or hate them. The smell is so strong that you can smell it from 100ft away. Not to mention that even after a few days, you can still smell them. The king of all fruit, DURIAN! Being a true blue Malaysian, I, of course just loooooove them. The last time I had them was back in PA when we bought a frozen whole durian. It was a disaster actually. I had to wait for 1.5 days for it to thaw. I tried to open it myself but it was too soggy-like that it was just too impossible. So hubby helped by practically whacked the poor fruit open. AND after all the trouble and anticipation, it turned out to be tasteless and not to mention too 'young' still! I only had one and threw the rest of them in the trash. :((

So when I went to Yorba Linda last week, I was so excited to see lotsa durian being sold. The 'fresh' ones at $6.99/lb is pretty pricey and also big. Being the only durian-eater in the house, i dont wanna put hubby off with the smell so I settled for 2 slices of frozen seedless durian, enough to satisfy my cravings of 3 years. I dont really remember how much it cost but I think it was about $4/box or at the exchange rate it would be RM17.60/box. I could have gotten 10 whole durian back in KL for the same price but oh well, beggars cant be choosers!

I dont know when im going to have more durian but I do hope it wont be for another 2.5years.


team BSG said...

so how do u get by not having it for years ... n years !

PrincessJournals said...

team bsg, i survived by drooling over the pic of durian! lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now that you've mentioned it I have to go get durians too.

i cannot eat fresh durian (panas) unless I want to get high fever...

But, I can eat it if it is cooked (pengat) or in sambal tumis tempoyak etc...

I should really make some tempoyak, just to prove, what a true blue Melayu jati , I am...despite the Mat Salleh celup appearance:-)))

And now, I am off to hunt for some durian for my masak lemak cili api udang galah and tempoyak!

*can you see how smug I am about being Melayu jati, it is painful isn't it? ha haha*

Love. Nina

PrincessJournals said...

Nina, masak lemak cili api udang galah w tempoyak! pls do post the recipe and pic when u make them ok?