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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


It has been a week since my last post. I really dont know what to write. Everyday Id sign in and think that Im going to write something and then I my mind went blank. I tought of writing about food, yet I think what Iv been cooking is not "fancy" enough to share with my readers. I really should change my mentality. So what if theyr not fancy as long as they taste good and I like them, right? Not to mention the fact that I have to use 2 computers to download the pictures from my camera and email them to myself so I can have a copy in the new computer.

Well, the truth is Im not a choosy eater. Really! As long as there's no pork and taste good (sedap), Im happy. Let me tell you some of my version of simple food/meal.

1. Rice with just cut chilies& onion, raw anchovies, sweet soy sauce (habhal's brand) and some lime juice, preferably limau kasturi.

2. Sliced sausages fried with cut chilies and onion, add some water and sugar and salt to taste. You can actually get this from the snack menu at the bars in KL. They also have it with anchovies instead of sausages. yummy!

The simple meal for hubby would usually be hotdogs or lebanon bologna sandwich or cheesesteak or burger. Ok. Maybe the last 2 are not really simple especially since I make our own burger patties from ground meat. But they're just too simple (in my book) compared to asian meals that I make for myself. Yes?

For now, this is how its going to be (without pic) until my lazy mode changes. ;)

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Ms J said...

haha..i am still *waiting* for your Soto Ayam post!

hey, write about how hubby proposed to you...i love romance