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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Lady Patsy senyap2 tagged me on Sunday. Well, not exactly senyap2 since iv not been online since saturday. I dont think iv anything interesting to say about myself but il do the tag coz LP the cheeky lady asked me. ;)

5 Things found in your bag

1. A set of keys - Back in PA, we were locked out of the apt when Michael forgot to bring the key after making a call to his mom. Yesterday, we went to the apt's office to renew our lease and he didn bring his keys again! Wht I learned?.. to always bring my keys even if i dont bring my handbag.

2. Cellphone - so tht Michael can call me or in case i sesat. Maklumlah stil new in CA.

3. Purse - well, who doesn bring purse when they go out? :P

4. Old receipts - dont ask me why but sometimes once theyr put in my bag, they stay there for a while.

5. Ciggie - im a smoker and i smoke 2 brands.. marlboro lights and djarum menthol (they dontv sampoerna here)

5 favourite things in your room - (since we live in a studio apt, its gonna be my fav in my room back at my parents place)

1. Queen size bed - i need to sleep on something!

2. A bottle of water - i always keep 1 within an arms length.

3. Remote control for tv, hifi, a/c

4. TV, hifi, a/c - since i need to use the remote controls on something, right?

5. Books, cellphone, hse phone & notebook - Long distance relationship needs a notebook to see each other, phone line to get connected, cellphone to talk to each other while online and i need to read a book when we were not online. ;P

5 Things you have always wanted to do

1. Go back to school to study finance

2. Learn how to sew - so tht i can make my own pillow cases and curtains

3. Give a huge monthly allowance to my mom

4. Introduce Michael to my best fren Lin & Stu in NZ

5. Get back at my ex-fiance and his whole family - yes im very bitter but they'r the worst kind of all!

5 Things you are currently into

1. Prenatal vitamins - hahahhah... but we are trying to get pregnant :P

2. Reading other ppl's blog

3. Looking for a job

4. TV - did i say im a tv junkie?

5. Surviving

5 People you want to tag

Well, since im new to the blogging world and very bad at doing this tagging 'sayasaya' thingy, im gonna leave it to others to continue the tagging.


Cat Cat said...

Wow Farina, best-nya bila I dengar you and Micheal are trying to have a baby... Hopefully everything will go well for you both and we should hear some good news soon.

Ms J said...

what happened between ou and ex fiancee??? (sounds like a blog posting topic!)

my fingers crossed and best wishes on getting knocked up..keep zen and dont stress ocmes when u least expect (trust me on this one)

elviza said...

Ohhhhhh fellow malboro light smoker... we are blood sisters already.

p/s: on record, I am forever trying to quit. Off record, well you go figure

J.T. said...

I am with MsJ... what happened with you and ex-fiance? Care to blog about it?

All the best with baby-making. ;)
You will be a momma soon. I am that optimistic for you.

I will be posting my Hi-5 meme probably by late Thursday. Hope you gals in the States had a good 4th July day. :) Any fireworks?

PrincessJournals said...

Kak Ram, sebenarnya dah lama jugak trying but belum ada rezeki aje lagi. ;)

msj & jt, panjang cerita abt the ex & his family. nantilah 1 day il cerita on my blog ok? oh and tq for being optimistic on my behalf! :)

elviza, yo sista! lol! i tell myself tht il quit the moment i find out tht im pregnant.

elviza said...


I did exactly that. I quit when I found out that I was carrying my darling son Luqman.

After the breastfeeding period, I guit the quitting. He he he...

Take care and you ll join me in the motherhood circle in NO TIME!

I Cook4Fun said...

All the best to you and Michael. Hope we will have the good news soon ;)

MeltingWok said...

You forgot to mention your beautiful plants, I think they're part of your room no ? hehe, you nurture them so dearly :)

MeltingWok said..., have you started hanging baby pix., like the beautiful triplet pix. on the wall, or as a screen saver/wallpaper ? hehe :)

PrincessJournals said...

Shirley, perli ke? balcony tak kiralah. :P