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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Polis oh Polis!

The OC Register's special section last Sunday reported that law enforcement & fire-fighting are among the top government occupation in OC (Orange County) . The hourly rate was given while the yearly figures were calculated at 40/hrs a week for 52 weeks. (For those esp in Msia, you might wanna kno tht for every hr after the 40hrs/week the o/t rate is usually at 1.5x. )

1. Police/sheriff's patrol officers - $35.30/hr @ $73,424.00/pa - Moderate-term-on-the-job training

2. Civil engineers - $34.55/hr @ $71,864.00/pa - Bachelor's degree

3. Rehabilitation counsellors - $17.09/hr @ $35,547.20 - Master's degree

4. Detectives and criminal investigators - $39.65/hr @ $82,472.00/pa - Appropriate work experience

5. Fire fighters - $24.22/hr @ $50,377.60/pa - Long-term on-the-job training

Now lets go back to Malaysia for a second. If im not mistaken, the starting pay for police personnels in Malaysia is around RM900/mth or RM10,800/yr(?). Yes, they'r not as good as other police personnels in other countries but as the saying goes, "pay w peanuts and you will definitely get monkeys". With crime rates going up, I seriously think that our government should do/invest more in our police force. If I have any say at all this is what I would have them do prior to being hired:

1. Do a thorough background check to be sure that they dont have any criminal records.

2. Strenous physical training & martial arts classes- we need cops who can and WILL chase after those snatch thieves and actually catch them!

3. Be at least bi-lingual (Malay/English)

4. Pass the necessary exam papers required

5. Take empathy class/test - anybody dealt w those attitude-macam-s**l??

Once they've passed all of the above, then only they'l be interviewed for the job. By then, hopefully we'l finally have a police force that we can really be proud of and trust.

Next topic, im gonna venture on what we, Malaysian are expecting from our very own Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM). ;)


Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kak Farina,

"Pay w peanuts and you will definitely get monkeys"

Adoh! Sakitnya that comment...But very the important case they screen our policemen properly...After all, they're our law enforcers, and we should feel safe with them.

And agreed, they're paid too little...

PrincessJournals said...

Daphne, thts why i showed how much the police are paid here in OC. Kesian polis kat Msia dpt gaji camtu aje.

J.T. said...

Hi Princess,

I finally know your real name - Farina. That is a beautiful name - suits you too. :) Would you mind if I address you by your real name?

Oh, I agree with you about the police force. They pay too little. I cannot imagine how those guys start off with only RM900 a month. How does one live on that?

At the rate that some of our current policemen are behaving and carrying themselves, I don't think they will even make it through points 2, 3, and 5. Sometimes, these 'lemah semangat' guys make the other hardworking ones look bad.
Also, there should be no 'short cut' to passing exams. No pre-set questions. Everytime they go in for a test, it should be at random. That way, no one will know in advance. And the testers should not get into bribery to release the set of questions. haha

PrincessJournals said...

Hi JT, thank u for the compliment. i didn realise tht u didn kno my name? lol! yes, of course u can address me by my name.

nobody can survive earning tht much and we shudn let it continue either esp to our own police, army etc. we expect them to look after our safety and yet we'r too stingy in compensating them. how lah like tht?

yup, cannot have short-cut. whts the point of having them to take the tests if they had alraedy kno the q's & a's, right?