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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is That It?

The Star Online, Saturday Mar 28

MIRI: The parents of the baby boy who starved to death because they forgot to feed him have refused to allow a post-mortem to be carried out on the body.

They had claimed the body from the Miri Hospital on Friday after the body was released from the mortuary.

The couple, in their 30s, were not arrested because initial police investigation showed that there was no criminal intention on their part to leave the less than one month old baby unfed as they had been on a prolonged booze binge with their friends.

There had been no marks of physical abuse on the baby, either.

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Are you seeing what Im seeing? The cops did not see anything wrong when people leave their child starved to death while they were out binging on alcohol? They could not find criminal intention in that? What do you think would happen to an infant if left on her/his own and is hungry? Pick up the phone and call for milk delivery or pizza? This just pissed me off. The cop better wake up and bring the parents to justice! Argh! Im so damn angry!


drNO said...

that is just plain crazy and ridiculous. That is equal to abuse!
What r they thinking...the baby was less than a month???

there are sure a lot to be questions about the law in this country.

Desert Rose said...


I've read that. Polis said there's no criminal element in d incident ya, come let's book tickets to Miri, coz me, I sure know nak buat apa ngan parents tu and the police too....bong ok

een said...

mmg x patut!!!cengini nye parents pon ada ka???poor that lil baby..polis pon bengong gak ek..

Pi Bani said...

Buat anak pandai... jaga anak tak reti...

They should be charged for negligence at the very least.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


I bet the cops pun jenis tonggang tuak and todi sampai lupa anak bini, tu sebab baby mati kelaparan is not a crime..

Shows how uncivilised we Malaysians can be sometimes, karang bila kita cakap macam tu, ramai yg marah.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am totally speechless - how about child abuse, or some sort of negligent homicide? There is also such a thing as accidental homicide. Nobody does this and gets off scot-free!

pugly said...

In other countries, the parents would easily be jailed for negligence. As far as I'm concerned, negligence can be equal to murder - the baby died from their failure to feed him. The human race baffles me sometimes.

Julie Lim said...

I think the baby was conceived out of 'accident', if you know what I mean. This means the parents were not ready to become parents and this is clearly seen now when their binging has caused the life of their baby. I don't think any person who is ready to become a parent would be so irresponsible and stupid.

I hope the law will come down hard on this couple!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Dr.No, yes that is a form of abuse. Kekadang polis ni cakap or buat benda yg tak masuk di akal.

Desert Rose, pergi Miri, jgn tak pergi. Ganyang them on my behalf too ok?

Een, sigh. Tak taulah apa lagi nak cakap.

Pi, both of them shud be in jail for murder.

Ida, tak tau lah pulak if thts so but i hope somebody does something.

Farizah, sedih kan? Kesian baby tu. Nobody is fighting for her right.

Ita, itulahnya yg buat i bengang tu. How can they say they didnt see anything wrong being done?

Julie, no thts not the case. They already have another older child. So its not being ready or not. Even if tht were true, still does not justify what they did to their own child.

`nic's noodle` said...

i can't read these types of news reports anymore. heck, i can barely bring myself to watch the news either. why? because i get BEYOND angry that stupid a*holes, who are sorry excuses for human beings exist. not only that, they are allowed to breed!
and here you have someone like me (and countless other couples) who absolutely adores children, but has a hard time conceiving because of a medical condition.
life truly is unfair.
i really hope karma comes around and bites them. HARD.

Barbara said...

Hi Farina,
Des^pite their 30 something age, they are mentally like children.

They don't deserve to raise a child.

Anonymous said...

What you talking about?? this is "BOLEH LAND" anything possible lah

Salt N Turmeric said...

Nic, i feel you girl. *hugs*

Barbara, I think it's the selfishness that things like these happen. Yes, they dont deserve to be parents.

Anon, pls learn how to talk before you come here and talk-cock.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

OMG! bahalol ke ape this parents ni? how cud one leave a 1mo baby unattended...gilo apo?

what's happening to this world now? people are getting irresponsible, selfish and perhaps more moronic too!

what to do babe, when the country is run by some moronic people too, that';s why la polis pun sama ngok! what a super silly and unacceptable statement from the police itself....

i m so pissed off ni....

yus said...

last week alone 1 read about 3 news on babies; i. buang bayi & someone terjumpa still hidup atas timbunan sampah; ii.buang baby dalam longkang and died ; mati kelaparan (the sarawak case). On top of that, I watch on Oprah about a mom who accidentally left her 2 yo toddler in a car for 8 hrs, died with total peeled off skin. Can you imagine that? I cried on learning each news. So devastating. I think the parents should be held responsible for negligence.I am afraid for the only child left now.

Yatie_T said...

This is just wrong. The parents should be punished for the crime. Baby tu mesti menangis tak henti2 and nobody do anything until the baby was dying...... unbelievable.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Farina,
I was so pissed-off when I first read the news. When I read your posting ni, terasa asap keluar ikut telinga.


Naz said...

God! I baru baca ni.
Negligence, abuse...the parents cannot get away that easily!
What is WRONG with this people?

pearly said...

Wat is this ..... I just don't believe it a parent will say such a thing and police let them get away it .. poor baby ... gosh .. How can a parent will say forget to feed the baby , baby will cry for feed .

Anonymous said...

That's the part that I don't understand too. It's clear negligence. Culpable homicide, isn't it?

Tak faham betul. Nurin's parents got slapped with negligence. These drunk couple who were clearly negligent got away.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

This story sickens me to the guts! What the world has come too!! How can u do that to your own flesh and blood.... takde hati perut ke these people!.... sigh sigh sigh

Nadia said...

Kak Farina,

I read that too and it disgusts me to the core! I mean what the hell? How can you forget to feed your own baby until he starved to death and not have ill/criminal intentions? That police tu tak sekolah ke? And I agree with Munira - this is blatant negligent yet they got off scot-free? Malaysia boleh betul lah!