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Friday, February 13, 2009

Cold and Wet Long Valentine and President's Day Weekend

Monday is the President Day so it is another holiday and a long weekend for some (including us i.e. Michael). The next public holiday will be in late May! Sucks huh? And to make this last long weekend/holiday before May even more fun, it is going to be cold and wet. We have been getting on and off nice days for the whole winter and a few storms too. This is hopefully the last storm for this winter. Of course I am thankful that we are not getting -20F or -50F but you know how much I 'love' too cold or too hot weather. And those rain. Sigh .... let me just say that if I were to get sick, it will be during rainy season.


Tomorrow is a Valentine's Day. We don't really celebrate it but nevertheless would still wish each other on that day. I 'forbade' him from buying me flowers during this time of the year. I told him that he can buy me flowers (not that he buys me flowers too often. Men! :P) anytime of the 51 weeks in the year for half or 1/3 of the price that he would have to fork out during this 1 week period so why bother. Me stingy? Nah. Frugal? You betcha! So tomorrow, what we are going to do is have a poker day/night with some friends and neighbours. His friends of course have to ask him 10x if he knows what day it is when he invited them. They don't want him to get into trouble. I guess that is my Valentine 'gift' for my Baby. *wink*

Happy Valentine's Day my friends and have a great weekend!


Lyana Mauseth said...

talking about weather make me sick already snowing and snowing and snowing...kesian all the animals kat luar rumah i ni duduk bwh pokok...

i dgn my husband pun xde lah beriya sambut the day...actually we tak pernah sambut pun!! percaya tak? ni my husband tgh pack x habis2 lagi....kejap lagi nak hntr pegi storehouse..memalm buta...dr balik keja x berhenti2 lagi...tulah sebabnya i panggil dia superman!! tak reti penat, i yg tgk ni pulak penat...*sigh*...

Naz said...

I pun tak celebrate. Dulu ada lah but now, everyday is a V day. So no problem la kalau si dia tak ingat. Of course, kalau dia ingat, i senyum like cheshire cat :)
Since we've just gotten over Friday the 13th, tomorrow we're going to take it easy...sit in and let the snow fall...
have a nice weekend!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Farina,

Pagi tadi I suruh my hubby wish me happy val's day, I pulak kena marah..dia kata, "buat hapa nak celebrate valentine's, everyday is valentine's day..u nak i sayang u time valentine je ke?"..I was kinda hurt, but lantak la..betul jugak cakap dia.

I agree with u la..buat hapa wasting money beli flowers, chocolates and teddy time price tgh mahal ni..very practical la u ni..bagus la..

Kak Teh said...

Farina, I didnt even mention valentine's day. it is like a non event in the house. so, as you can guess no flowers, but it doesnt matter - ada grilled mackeral.

pearly said...

hi dear Farina :
we wish you both a very happy valentine xxxxx
I agree with you today the flower is stupidly price up .
next day will be better to buy . me the same we have nothing to celeb today we had it last week :P
have a win win day tonight :)

drNO said...

Not only the price of the flowers, the food, restaurant dine-in, etc, melambung2 naik.
anyway, yup, just a simple wish will do. anyway, u r love everyday right, y wait for only the valentine's day.

Daphne Ling said...

La Kak Farina,

What a thoughtful wife you are! ;) Yeah, people are over-commercialising (betul ke the spelling?) Valentine's day...

Terrible! Milking money in the name of love!

Hope you had fun anyway...

Desert Rose said...

Princess Farina,

That's gud la, at least he remembered & even if he forgets, dia dapat lesen besar when u forbade him to buy u anything ha ha.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

well Farina, that was a thoughtful gift that u gv your other half. I am sure he appreciated it very much ; ) I hope u stay healthy, sini the weather up and down and its like an epidemic, adults and children alike getting sick! Thank God so far Nora is healthy... i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Dont u get a public holiday too on May 1st for labour day?? or Easter which is earlier than May kan..... well anyways, i shall dash off now to go fetch Nora from school, till soon again! Hugs xxx

Salt N Turmeric said...

Lyana, kalau kesian kat animals tu, bukaklah your house for them. Baru betul2 jadi macam cerita The Enchanted! hehe.

Naz, dia pun once aje dia belikan choc and gifts for valentine's day. I told him id be happier kalau we al celebrate just bdays and anniversary.

Ida, tak celebrate tapi kecik hati jugak kalau laki cakap camtu kat kita kan? Takpelah, asalkan dia sayang kat you hari hari. :) As a wife, kenalah kita practical. Kalau laki tokey balak ke takpe lah demand lebey lebey kan? lol.

Kak Teh, grilled mackerel tu kira your gift lah to AG. ;)

Pearly, yes everything is so expensive during valentine's. Went to the supermarket yesterday and saw this mug with a small teddy bear stuffed inside for $19.99! Crazy, i tell you.

Dr.No, kat Msia lagilah semuanya beratus2. I still remember my fren dulu hubby dia bawak ke hotel for valentine's dinner at i think RM250/pp. Dia byk duit takpelah. lol.

Daphne, that's why lah. Too commercialised these holidays. Kalau kat Msia, our holidays like raya or cny or deepavali lah ada discount but not here. Semua naikkan harga.

DR, memang besar lesen I bagi tu kan? Kalau dia tak sayang I lebey2 lagi tak taulah apa nak cakap. Mau kena lekuk kepala. lol.

Mush, sini labour day in diff mth. Dont ask me why. lol. Easter takde holiday.

Sri said...

Farina, you forgot Easter...Good Friday. In April. :D

Salt N Turmeric said...

Sri, ada cuti ke Easter and Good Friday? As long as I can remember, those days takde cuti.

Julie Lim said...

Excellent idea to be frugal on V-Day! Don't let the businesses commercialise this day. They untung, kita yang rugi.

I was in Spore on V-Day with a girlfriend. We went for a non-lesbian romantic dinner, together with her guy friend, hehehe.

After dinner we went to look for teh tarik. And since there were no mamak stalls around (maybe cause we were in the heart of the business district), we ended up in Little India. That also we kena halau cause they wanted to close shop already.

Memorable V-Day this year for me!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Hi Farina,
So you had poker day/night on Valentine's day. A get together with friends.. Good idea!

Bowling night sounds good. Though I haven't played since 15 yrs ago. Next year, maybe ;)

Mat Salo said...


Love the Yosemite shots. I was there in '00 and in fact, my second was probably conceived there in the High Sierras (he's in Std.2 now) where we rented an RV and camped in a place called Mammoth Mountain. In the winter it's a ski beautiful. Yeah, the pictures brought back wonderful memories, Sis. Happy belated VD 2 u 2... :)

Rebecca Ilham said...

It was a soaking wet weekend in SF too!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Julie, no 24hr mamak stall in Spore ke? Sounded like you had loads of fun with your friends. And that's what important kan?

Kak Ja, I pun lama tak main bowling. Im pretty horrible and after a few rounds my nails start to break and fingers in pain. hehehe.

Mat Salo, tmi! hahahah. Wait another 10yrs and tell your boy about where was conceived. ;)

Becky, cuaca kat cali ni memang tak menentu kan?

Julie Lim said...

Farina, I was surprised there were no mamak stalls in Singapore. Maybe sudah kena ban like how they banned chewing gum.