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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baju Kurung for Sale

As promised, here are the pictures of all 5 pairs of baju kurung available for sale. They are all brand new aka never been worn. The first 4 are in size M while the last one is size S. I think my brother and sis-in-law didn't realise they got that 1 pair in a smaller size. lol.

If you are interested in buying, please leave your email address in the comment section. Thank you. Again, I apologise but due to high cost of international shipping, these are only available for those living in the USA/Canada.


pugly said...

Dear, why la nak jual? All the baju kurungs are lovely!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Rozi, sbb I taknak mengangkut baju2 tu balik Msia for raya. Buat penat aje adik i hantar. :)

Cik Puan Darsita said...


berapa harga yang no.4 tu?

saya tinggal di Torrance.


Lora Roada said...

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harada57 said...
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