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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twilight The Movie

I have never heard of Twilight until the movie. Then I was told that it was based on the Twilight series of books. And being a vampire buff myself (vampire, not goth!), I knew that I had to watch the movie. At first I was skeptical since the movie is basically a teenager's story. You know, the ones where the main characters are all teenagers? My mind was already thinking of BH90210, The Hill and etc etc. And I shuddered.

So last Saturday, we went down to The Block to watch the movie. For a 11.20am show, the theater room was pretty pack. The previews before the movie were not that great and I was already thinking, "Oh my. This is going to be one long boring movie!". Then the movie started. And I was hooked. Straight from the beginning to the end.

This is a really good love-story movie but without the unnecessary distractions like excessively sex-scenes or excessively gory scenes with excessively high-school dramas. Also the most important part in any love-story is there should be chemistry between the main characters. And boy, do these 2 have it or what! They really have good chemistry in the movie that you feel for and drawn to them.

I must say that this is a really good family movie. The boys/men might not be into this kind of movie since it is after all, a love-story but do watch this with your girlfriends and/or daughters/nieces. You won't need to cover their eyes or ears since like I said earlier, there is no sex/gory scenes. As for me, now I am going to try find all the books. I am THAT hooked!

p.s Did I mentioned that I even like the songs in the movies?

p.p.s Did you also know that there are gonna be sequels?


Ms eNVy said...

Miss J wants so much to watch this movie! .. tried to get the tickets during the opening .. hampa :( no more tixs .. didn't know it was tht good so we are hoping to go next week .. taking your words for it so I think it will be worth watching the movie :) thanks dearie because I thought it would be something like BH90210 too :)

drNO said...

really? it's THAT good? a fren had mention it to me a few days back...but i said- what? never heard of twilight(and I claim myself a movie buff!).
shud go n watch... now, need to call my darling to get the tixs.

Akmal said...

I read the book, and it was AWESOME~! Haven't watch the movie though, but definitely, I will!
Her second and third book also blow brains. Hehehe :D

Azreen Zzz said...

Yes, you must read the books. They are even better! When I first bought the book, I was upset because I thought I mistakenly got a teenlit instead of a real adult vampire story, but by the 3rd page I couldn't put the book down already. I finished reading the very same day I bought it.

Barbara said...

Hi Farina,
Thank you for stopping by. I'm getting better, Thank you. Though my antibiotics tire me out a bit.
I'm not of a vampire film fan BUT, if it is a quality view, than why not ?
I usually flee the teenage type films. But if it is that good. When you get a bad fim that is for teenagers, it can get really irritating ! We don't think like that or act like that anymore !!
That's when you realize how one gets older.

See you soon & take care xx

natrah said...

sesuai tak nk bwk anak2 ni?I've planned to watch a movie this friday with them..quantum of solace mmg not in the list lah...hehehee

Nightwing said...

Thanks for sharing..will wait for the DVD.

Sad case..cineplex in my city lousy. So better off wait for DVD.

Rebecca Ilham said...

Hi Kak Farina,

I've seen in twice. In three days! Personally I didn't think the movie is that good, but the Edward Cullen Factor drawn me in. But after the second time, I found him overrated. Haha. Still, I'd hung up a (rather creepy) poster of him on my wall XP

Yeah, there'll be a sequel. Stepehenie Meyer is actually writing the 5th expect at least 4 more!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Norma, Ms.J is gonna love the movie and you too if i must say. hehe.

Dr.No, samalah kita. I really enjoyed the movie and I hope you would too.

Akmal, thts why lah i want to get the books too. I know its gonna spoil the excitement of sequel movie but its ok. Better to be in the knowing. ;) Oh, yea pls do watch the movie.

Barbara, good to hear you're better now. i too usually avoid teen movies but it is recommended by my not-teenagers friends and Im glad I did.

Nat, tersgtlah sesuai nya for kids. Like I said in my post, even for US version there's no scenes that's not suitable for kids what more in Malaysia with all the snip-snip. lol.

NW, like that gotta wait for 3-4mths but maybe shorter in Msia. hehe.

Becky, not quite good but you watched in twice! lol. I saw him on regis and kelly and i think he looks weird but his looks somehow fits the story kan? Im def a fan now and will be watching all the movies!

Anonymous said...

had u read the book first, u would be somewhat dissapointed with the movie. cos in the book, the chemistry between those two gave me goosebumps! and if u watched the movie here in msia, the (unnecessary) censors left u feeling irked and annoyed!! am now reading the second book and loving every page of it. teen flick? heck i am 38!! ha.. ha..

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear Farina,
I never heard of the movie until you mentioned it in my blog.

I guess I'll wait for the DVD since you said ada banyak ehem-ehem scenes... so a no-no for my kids lah...

I nak trylah your cheezy garlic biscuit nanti. Nampak sedap!

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

TQ for correcting me Farina... I did tersalah baca..hihihi...

Julie Lim said...

My sis said to understand the movie better, it's advisable to read the book first before watching the movie. But since I'm too lazy, I might watch the movie first ;-)

Salt N Turmeric said...

Anon, no movies can compete with the effectiveness of a book. But what kinda censoring they did to the movie in Msia? There's hardly anything to be cencored in that movie.

Kak Ja, lepas raya ni bolehlah bawak budak2 tengok movie ni ek?

Julie, did you kno i was just at your blog? lol. Abt the movie tu, yeap better watch the movie first so you wont get to dissapointed. Iv yet to read the book myself but will do very soon.

farizahb said...


You should have heard the teenage girls in ticket line behind me last week (no, we didn't see Twilight, we saw Bolt - which is good, BTW). They were gushing when they talked about Edward. Apaprently, they had seen the movie the night before, and this was their second showing. Reminds me of the Titanic, where people saw it a hundred times!

So should I go or not? :-)

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak Farina,

The cover and the title sounds more like a horror movie out to scare you! Apa macam vampire boleh jadi cerita cinta?

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Farina, thx for the review, i so much wanna see this, cant wait for the dvd to come out! I heard the songs are making their way to the top of the charts too! Ooohhh i cant wait to catch it..... Thx again for the reviews, like u i tot it be another teenage flick but i guess now i am certain its a must see! I love all horror flicks!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Farizah, you should! If I could, Id watch it again but Michael already said, wait for the dvd. lol.

Daphne, this movie takde horror pun. At least not that's shown lah. Eh vampire pun nak bercinta jugak apa? lol.

Mush, if you're looking for horror flick, this is not it. But if you're looking for a good love story, then this is it. :)

een said...

try to persuade hubby nengok cite ni pulaks after our last great show- what else?-quantum solace 007 ..hehehe

Sri said...

I know of the book series (4 of them?) through a group of frens who are Stephanie Meyers' fans. I have yet to read the books but too pre-occupied with other hobbies. (Where got time?) LOL..

ANyway, I so want to watch this movie. Well, maybe on DVD.