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Friday, August 8, 2008

Hot Days

I know I have been slacking lately. 1 post a week? Yikes! But the weather has been so hot and at the same time I have another house that needs me as well. It is not easy to come up with a post especially when you are a busy fulltime wife with no kid (yet) but have 2 blogs. Cynical. Geddit?

Anyways, its Friday today and we are going to have another round of bbq session later today. Our 4th one eversince we moved to this new place a month ago. We are going to have a few friends over and the menus are going to be among others this,this and chicken rice. Are you drooling yet? Hehe. So far, the chicken have been marinated overnight. Grilling will only start when Michael comes home from work. The chicken rice is cooked. I still need to cut & prep all the ingredients for kerabu mangga and salsa. Well, cant have all Malaysian goodies can we? Kerabu mangga for us Malaysian and salsa for everybody.

On another note, it is 3 weeks away before Merdeka. What are you going to be doing on that day? Partying at the clubs? Seeing the fireworks at KLCC? Organising makan-makan (eating) at your house? Share with me ok?

With that, have a great weekend everybody.


Cat Cat said...

We had some hot summer days here in VA too.. but still it isn't as bad as in Malaysia where you sweat buckets the moment you walk out of the door...

Oh, Bbq sakan lah ya... Show pictures please..

Yatie_T said...

Malaysia = almost the same with Florida. It's really really hot here and it rain in the afternoon just like Malaysia.

Happy bbq'ing .... hahaha and have a great weekend.

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Yes, I'm drooling. Honey BBQ Chicken Wings - I think that will be my children's favorite if I were to make them during the school hols next week.

I should try your Nutella cake (can't remember the long name), but belum sempat coz at the mo I have a gzilion things to do.

Have a good BBQ dear!

jabishah said...

Wow, I so love chicken rice. Won't it be nice if we were neighbors... ;-)
How was the party? Am going to your other blog & prepared with a bib for sure mesti drool punye!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

wow sedap gile....dah la i puasa ganti today, masuk your entry, terus dengar pasal bbq...


Mat Salo said...


Ha, baru tau. Hot August Nights, eh? That's from an old Neil Diamond album I think.

Things are pretty 'hot' in Malaysia too --what's with DSAI's upcoming PP Election and the trial.

Eh, consulate tu memang haprak. Unless you're a VIP or VIP's wife or something. They're not doing much, just like on vacation. They should be proactive in getting expat Malaysian's together.. and yeah, do all that registering on line.

The Mummy III good? Here in Malaysia they put Dato' Michelle Yeoh as the top billing next to Brendan. How come you never mentioned DMY's performance? Agreed , Rachel Weisz was excellent in her role in the previous installments. BTW, that Brendan guy has 'overexposed' himself this summer by also being the lead in 'Journey', which me and my kids thought was a waste of money. Hellboy2 was waaay better!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Farina dear, i hv published all your comments on my blog but its official that blogger has a problem with this, i hope they rectify it soon! Thanks for the comments anyway babe. U hv made me drool once again with all that mention of food! B & I had the evening off to celebrate the Singapore National Day hehehe, we went to eat some Thai food with friends and then a movie afterwards. Hv a good week Far.

Nightwing said...


Hope you and ur hubby enjoyed the bbq session.

Took any pictures of the lovely food u mentioned..:)

You have a great week ahead now.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Cath, memang nasib baik tak macam Msia. Kalau tak mau pengsan takde a/c. lol.

Yatie, now the weather lebih kurang macam when we went to florida. cant wait for fall!

Kak Ja, dgn budak2 kena buat wings lebih sikit. nanti bergaduh lah pulak. lol.

Jani, tengah puasa lah the best. just ask ur hubby to do the grilling. ;)

MS, malas nak layan benda2 'panas' back home.byk sgt merapu. :P consulate memang tak kisah kitorang yg not vip ni. i pun dah malas nak contact. Abt DMY, sekejap sgt her role in tht movie. i acually forgot to mention the part when she was reading the mantra in english. tengah2 cakap mandarin/cantonese, tetiba for tht part, in english pulak? pelik bin ajaib sungguh! hehe.

Mush, i dah baca abt the prob ur having w blogger. hopefully by now they have resolved it. ;)

NW, yes we did enjoy the bbq. the pic of the foods are in my other blog. ;)

pearly said...

hi dear Farina;
woooo all those lovely food you going to cook for the party I wish I will be there too .
well got a feeling on the Merdeka day may be is my bb born too hahahha.
glad u are feeling better now with your hearing .
each day I only can read a few blog since I have away for so many day I got to read all those lovely post I miss .
you take care my dear friend and if I didn't pop over have a lovely party and save some food for me :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

natrah said...

syok nye bbq party..kat sana selalu ada kan?...sini kalau nk buat mcm tu jd mcm kenduri la pulak...dh kena panggil sekampung le pulak...
btw,ur bbq wing mmg mengancam...I'll try it esok!definitely..nnti I bgtau jd ke dak..ok enjoy ur party

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...ipoh chicken rice, was it?

y'know, the best way to usher the merdeka day is to do it the malaysian way...gather some friends, lepak&ngumpat over some bottles of thani.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kak Farina!

" kid (yet)..."

Hmmm...Ni nak hint ke ni?

natrah said...
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natrah said...

just wanna tell u that ur honey bbq chicken wing recipe..I buat menjadi!! yeayy...siap my kids bgtau kwn2 dia I buat mkn2 bbq kat umah mlm tu...yg sebenarnya I buat utk I buka bosa last dpt mkn sorang seketul je sbb jamu kwn2 ank I..anyway, mmg sedap and senang nk buat..tq farina for the recipe... :)

J.T. said...

Hi Farina

Speaking of weather, I thought they were done with naming hurricanes/tropical storms after female names. Not so (I was mistaken).. there is a tropical storm making its way to Cuba. The name - Fay! I guess what they are doing now is alternating between male and female names. Before Eduoard, it was Dolly (both made landfall in TX).

Looking at your honey marinated wings gives me an idea of what to do this weekend. :) First, I need to barbeque the ribeyes that I thawed in the fridge last night - flavour - either bbq mesquite or honey teriyaki. yumm. :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

Pearly, glad tht ur resting. There's no leftover but i did think of u when i was eating the wings. lol.

Kerp, not sure whc state version was the chicken rice but licin lah. hehe. anyways, lepaking, thani and ngumpating sounds like a great idea to spend merdeka day!

Daphne, where got hint one. :P

Nat, im glad u and kids like it. next time kena prepare byk2 since ur kids like to invite their frens over. lol.

JT, so now its both male and female. hehe. kelakar lah these ppl. honey teriyaki sounds yummy!