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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sambal Tumis Udang

Yesterday I posted the pic of my nasi lemak. Gert and J.T. asked for the recipe. The first few times I made my sambal tumis, Iv always used dried chili but I find the dry chili here in the US to be too hot. So I have farina-ised it so its easier to make and tho stil hot/spicy, its not the kinda that would make u burn ur mouth/tongue for a week. Maybe just for a few hours. hehe! kidding lah. I sure do hope I dont forget any ingredients.

A. 10-15pcs prawn, de-veined
1/2 onion, sliced

B. 1 bottle of sambal oelek (theyr available at regular supermarket too)
5 fresh red chili
1 onion
3in ginger

vege oil (abt 1/4cup )
1/2cup water
1 teaspoon powdered tamarind (or 3tablespoon of fresh tamarind juice)
2 tablespoon salt
1 cup sugar

1. Grind all ingredients in B.

2. Heat up the oil in the wok (med high) and put the B ingredients in. Keep stirring for about 10min.

3. Add water, tamarind powder/juice, salt and sugar. Continue stirring for 4-5min. Taste and add salt/sugar if necessary.

4. Put in the prawn and sliced onion, stir a little a bit and cover for 3-4min.

5. Uncover, stir and taste. Let it set for another 3-4min and serve.

6. Enjoy!

When I made them last week, I made enough that I had the nasi lemak for 2 days and 2 nights straight. Im not kidding you. I did! I also put half of them in a tupperware and freeze them so the next time time I crave for nasi lemak, I dont have to trouble myself. All I have to do is, make the rice and re-heat my sambal tumis.


J.T. said...


Thank you very much for the recipe. So sweet of you to share.

Whenever I make something Asian, my food lasts too. I do the same as you - freeze it for the next time I crave something Asian. :)

Cat Cat said...

Have you tried to make chicken curry and freeze some for later? Kak Ram also cooked a big batch of chicken curry with potatoes, ate for 2-3 days straight, freeze enough for 4-5 meals later.
Senang gitu kan? Tak payah nangis ketiak masak hari2. ;D

Anonymous said...

allo kakak,

the url for food blog sama dengan url for milla cuma after /nina instead of /camilla :-) if you cannot access that way, there is a link to teh food blog on the right nav on milla's blog too!


kl_gal said...

I've had this sambal tumis made by Farina and I can vouch that its mmm,mmm, good

I Cook4Fun said...

Farina, thanks for the recipe. Nanti I masak and tunjuk you kat blog yah. Like J.T and Cat I will usually cook a bit more and freeze it to makan some other day. Tak payah masak selalu.

PrincessJournals said...

JT, sharing recipe is good for the soul. ;)

Kak Ram, i kureng sikit makan curry. so far baru once buat. kelakarlah Kak Ram ni. nangis ketiak pulak.

Nina, thx for the link. usually memang i used the link on the right side but lately tak jumpa pulak. rabun kot?

Kl_gal, tima kacih for the vote of confidence. nanti i tapau for u lagi ok? ;)

Gert, yes pls do show us ur version pulak nanti ok?

Ms eNVy said...

Thank you for the recipe .. I tak tahu dimana nak cari fresh chili .. over here the chili is the Thai chili .. I tak ada problem nak makan .. but the rest of my clan .. I don't think so .. but to think of it .. more for me .. hahaha

PrincessJournals said...

envy, kat sini pun the fresh red chili is very seasonal. thts why whenever i find them, il buy like 3 packs. if not pun, just use more sambal oelek. tak pedas sgt and ur kids wud be able to eat too.